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We have a total of 7,717 data breaches indexed.
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    Our average search speeds are a fraction of a millisecond. Fetch up to 10,000 results per page. Regex or Wildcard doesn't slow us down!

  • Unlimited Databases

    Get access to an ever growing collection of over 7,000 data breaches. Hundres of exclusive databases only available on We Leak Info such as Adult Friend Finder 2016!

  • Asset Monitoring (Coming Soon)

    Get notified when your information is detected in a data breach. Stay one step ahead of hackers.

Introducing Enterprise (Coming Soon)

Enterprise gives you access to premium features such as domain monitoring, account take over protection, and protection against password spray attacks

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    "We Leak Info helps us when we are conducting cybersecurity related research."

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    "We use We Leak Info to assure that the data of all our customers are kept safe and be alerted when a data breach occurs."

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